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Ten times spreads, the market is prevented bask in 'deep water' - the choose and buy Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Color transparent & other; Use & throughout; In the summer as many consumer choice in outdoor sports, travel. This kind of bright color coat, easy to fold, easy to carry, lightsome texture of weight is less than 150 grams, also known as & other; Skin & throughout; 。

reporter survey found that according to different brands and styles, the sun-protective clothing market prices range from $30 to $or. Although the salesman when introducing products will be & other; Sun & throughout; As its main selling point, but not all & other; Skin & throughout; As consumers like the real sunscreen function.

sun-protective clothing, spreads up to ten times the

in changsha city main motion system of clothing brand counters, sun-protective clothing are placed in a conspicuous position by the outside. Within shirble department store, a clothing salesman said that one of the most popular on the market at present is this type of sunscreen, cheap, clothing, light, thin, sunscreen and breathable, sales is very good.

in addition to department store sell over-the-counter, shirble department movement in the supermarket, sun-protective clothing also has a lot of. On the same day, the reporter saw in decathlon green central plaza store, in addition to the adult men and women section sun-protective clothing, and for children under the age of 14 things such as wearing sun-protective clothing and sun hat, quality same as the adult use.

reporter noticed that claim to be on the market & other; Use & throughout; Such clothing sells large difference. In different counters sun-protective clothing, shirble department within both sell for as little as 50 yuan a, and a $200. In some high-end department stores, such as archaeopteryx outdoor brand, use the higher price of 1998 yuan.

“ Since taking the children to go camping, at the end of the pick a sun-protective clothing. ” On June 14, in the middle of the decathlon green square shop, one with the pupils look like a girl to choose the citizens of sun-protective clothing, told reporters. She said, consider the main reason for such use is portable and affordable.

prevent bask in effect how? Stores also don't know

at present, the market sun-protective clothing fabric mainly for polyamide fiber, polyester fiber and blended fabrics. On June 14, in the new clothing store in the city of the bund, the reporter sees, a lot of sun-protective clothing for sale, part of the price but 39 yuan a piece.

although vendors claim & other; Can prevent bask in & throughout; , but the reporter noticed at the same time, the & other; Use & throughout; Do not make any SPF annotation, also did not say on the label for Ming & other Use & throughout; 。 But in the decathlon, priced at 99 yuan to 199 yuan sun-protective clothing, is equipped with & other; 趟车40 +” Textile uv protection performance evaluation related logo.

in the process of the interview, when reporters asked how it is prevented bask in effect, most shopkeepers said the effect is very good, and sell well. But when the reporter asked the dress actually prevent bask in coefficient, are sold part of the owner and said that he is not very understanding, sun-protective clothing on the market are similar.


the majority of the use of a misfit

in fact, to ask the store consumers rarely have prevent bask in coefficient related problems, to prevent bask in price, color and material of the clothing is more concerned about.

it is reported that, according to the national textile products uv protection performance assessment of the relevant provisions, only when the clothing UPF values greater than 30 and UVA ( Penetrating the strongest ultraviolet) Transmittance is less than 5%, can be called a uv protection products, two conditions are short of one cannot. That is to say, most not related to the identification of sun-protective clothing may & other; Wrong & throughout; 。

“ Though transparent thin coat on the market is very at present much, but not all merchants with claims have sunscreen function, & throughout; A declined to be named sporting goods the seller tells a reporter, if is really have sunscreen function of formal brand, usually related to the marking on the label, if just look similar, manufacturers in the fine line, a lot of time & other; Ceng heat & throughout; 。


when the choose and buy for SPF

with the arrival of summer, the sun for most consumers have to research topic. How to pick a quality pass is prevented bask in clothes, and more concern of the consumers.

a textile industry practitioners to tell a reporter, consumer is in when choosing sun-protective clothing, must give priority to with SPF, clothes and a finer grain sun-protective clothing, & other; Quality pass sun-protective clothing, will be on the label of clothing SPF clear annotations, and sun-protective clothing textile texture more dense, the deeper the color, the better it bask in the effect also will be. ”

the expert still warns customer, when sun-protective clothing of choose and buy, can be use on the ultraviolet lamp, low penetration rate of clothing uv filters, corresponding prevent bask in performance is better, & other; Is not only the selected sun-protective clothing, sunshade sun block when the choose and buy, can also take this way. ”

if the judge from the material to use, polyester, polyamide fibre and viscose sunscreen performance tends to decline.
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