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The advantages and disadvantages of alginate fibre fabrics alginate fibre surface - is what Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
What is the alginate fibre fabrics? Seaweed fiber is a kind of man-made fiber, refers to some from Marine brown algae extract of alginic acid as the raw material of fiber. Coal is a natural seaweed algae ( Kelp, kelp, sargasso, etc. ) Specially kiln burning into ashes. Seaweed less carbon containing sodium, contains rich minerals, chemical composition, also contains some algae composition of salt.

carbon fibers are algae carbon carbon, after crushing become utrasmall particle with polyester or nylon solution mixed spinning solution to reel off raw silk from cocoons, processing of fiber. This kind of fibre can be mixed with natural cotton or other fiber, spun yarn is of far infrared radiation function. In general, as long as the use of 15% ~ 30% of the carbon fiber has good far infrared radiation efficiency, can be woven with far infrared radiation function of all kinds of fabric, used in socks and underwear and other products.
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