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The advantages of knitting single jersey fabrics - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
The advantages of knitting single jersey fabrics

1. Knitting fabric wrinkle resistant ability is better than some other fabrics, coil can transfer, to adapt to the stress variable shape; When wrinkles disappear, yarn and rapid recovery, and maintain the original state.

2. Knitted fabric strong scalability. Knitted fabric made of yarn bending loop strung together, coil, everything around the range of scalable, so, good elasticity, wear stick put oneself, comfortable, convenient and suitable for human body stretching, bending and other requirements.

3. Knitting fabric fluffy and soft, untwisted yarn, fabric surface with a layer of faux suede, coupled with the coil of porous tissue relaxation, skin and reduce friction surface on the surface of the fabric, give a person a kind of soft and comfortable feeling as a result of the knitted fabric string composed of coil, so many fabric forming inside the balloon and isolation, good warmth retention property and air permeability. In addition, fiber plants and animals have a certain ability to absorb, especially cotton fiber moisture absorption performance is good. So in the summer wear cotton clothing, feeling cool, no stuffy uncomfortable.
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