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The birth of laundry tablets accelerated towards the road of science and technology, environmental protection - the whole washing industry Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
In this new era of rapid development in the 21st century, the rapid development of economy and make modern life rhythm and faster, the life also is very efficient. The emergence of laundry tablets for modern people is a very happy thing. Laundry tablets as a new type of everyday items nova, compared to the previous washing powder and detergent, laundry more including health green environmental protection, economical and convenient, the characteristics of pure and fresh and aromatic, accepted by the masses of all is the result of the fact.

the green environmental protection, health, because the laundry sheet contains no scholar, do not contain whitening agent, is not only a good maintenance to the clothes, more to a certain extent, to the clothing of skin health have played an important role to protect, to avoid sensitive skin to us, after exposure to chemicals, allergies. Affordable and convenient because of the laundry sheet size is very small, easy to carry out, the price compared the previous laundry detergent and washing powder is just one half of the original, it is also a laundry tablets can be accepted by the public is an important reason. Pure and fresh and fragrant because laundry into the new type of perfume, make clothes after the use of laundry tablets, can quickly to get rid of clothes smell, and can make its fragrance lasting stay on clothes, feels very comfortable.

laundry tablets without phosphorus and the most important thing is green biodegradable ingredients, do not contain fluorescent agent, phosphor, don't cause pollution. Laundry, compared with traditional washing products, has many advantages. It is the needs of society, the development of science and technology of a product.
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