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The Chinese New Year is coming soon, your leather sofa ok? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
As is known to all, leather sofa has been loved by consumers, the price is relatively expensive furniture. Because of its precious, so we use more need careful care, how to maintain leather sofa, however, is science. Next, will give you a summary of how to maintain leather sofa method! ! ! !

the first step in the maintenance, regular maintenance is necessary measures

how to maintain leather sofa, the most important thing is to insist on regular maintenance. Best can be once a week, with a clean towel dipped in water, dry, and then gently dry sofa. Wipe the sofa, don't not energetically rub is brushed, lest cause skin damage. With a towel to wipe after can use the right amount of leather care agent even wipe again, have a good maintenance effect!

the maintenance of the second step, the reasonable method to deal with stubborn stains and scars

if sofa maintain you did in the first two steps, is very rare. But sometimes in life there is always a little accident, such as the baby on the couch, drawing, and dog's claws scratched sofa, the husband eating without rules, make oil stain on the sofa, everything is possible. So this time you need to take necessary measures to deal with these emergencies! If stained with drinks on leather sofa, should immediately with a clean towel or sponge blot, it with wet cloth to wipe, allow it to dry naturally. Grease on if it is, usable again after cleanser with a dry towel to wipe clean, avoid by all means do not scrub with water.

if found leather sofa with holes, the phenomenon such as rags and loss, don't blind, it is best to ask professional personage to clean up, or looking for experienced friends help!
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