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The clothes washing machines wash clothes how to prevent knot? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Now almost every family has a washing machine, when you use the washing machine wash his clothes, tie will tend to find clothing, knead into a ball and rinse drying is very inconvenient. The washing machine wash clothes knot how to prevent? Below small make up will be to teach you some moves.

1, if it is washing clothes such as shirts, would be the one sleeve shirt button on the button before the bosom, the other one sleeve button set in another front button eyes, two sleeves on a once, surrounded with slightly, the shirt button after washing machine. No matter how many pieces of wash together, will not knot.

2, appropriate adjustment of water in the laundry to high-energy knot laundry situation. If the water level is too low, can make the clothes in the water movement lag situation is more serious, knot to make clothes. Laundry and don't put too many clothes at a time, there are too many clothes in the washing machine can make the clothes squeezed together, make the knot situation is more serious.

3, traditional vortex type washing machine than the agitator and the roller type of washing machine is more likely to cause clothing knot, knot if clothes is too serious, can consider replacement washing machine type.

4, put the clothes into the washing bag, can avoid the washing machine laundry clothes stitching line or off buttons, and reduce the wear of washing machine. As well as effective protective clothing to avoid strong when washing clothes, distortion causes deformation of clothes, and shall not affect the washing effect.

5, can also go to the supermarket to buy laundry ball, or throw a few empty bottles in the washer, it also can reduce the knot clothing problem.
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