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The correct understanding of leather care technology - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Can do shoes wash protect renovation, can do the wash protect renovation of luxury goods, do you agree?

a: if you are from nursing to luxury shoe, first solve the problem of not your technology, cultural understanding and awareness of the needs you on luxury goods, also need to match your stores, in your technical problems to solve. Among technology in nursing is the same principle, operation methods and nursing process is not the same. Is also a frosted leather shoes leather on the bag on the wash protect renovation process requirement should be the same, you approved? That I learn technology is suede treatment is a shoe technology, suede leather technology suede handbags? After I learn what is good according to actual?

a: the same grind arenaceous suede leather in the leather handbags shoes wash protect renovation process is not the same, such as shoes wash protect the requirements of the above criteria will be low, such as touch, soft, rub off and other issues; In garment wash protect on the requirements of the standard is higher, such as leather fatliquoring, leather handle, Richard wool suede leather, leather mould, etc. According to the store, such as suede leather to do more in store, the technology of suede leather studious. Each brand have free technical communication meeting every year, every time the result is technology progress, material buy a heap of, a month there is always the door to promote chemical, it adds up, my shop chemical industry a lot of, expired also many, I want to know about different brands of chemical can mix with each other? Later, this kind of thing I should do is right?

a: there is no such thing as a free lunch, free technical exchanges, in the end, the enterprise or from their own interests, recommend you to buy material, buy products, to late technical services are not followed, buy back the material or not use, use. With the raw materials or choose a good, good technology, good after-sales service, is worthy of trust in a brand. Different brands of chemical can not mix with each other, many brand between some product names, but they are not the same performance and usage. I do this industry for 10 years, there is no formal learned, usually as long as you tell me the product performance, the product basically can I do? Do you agree with? What do you think of the people of technology?

a: general as long as you to tell you the product performance products, this is not good. If your cultural level is not high, not chemical industry professional, you are advised to make a study of the system. You lecture very experienced and very practical, I think don't need so many premise analysis, I think as long as the process analysis is ok, do you agree?

a: a good process, need to know the leather problem details, such ability can suit the remedy to the case, so better make leather care. I can understand your lecture also found himself the original problem, but the actual effect of operation or do not, you say me where is the problem?

a: first, the basic skills is not enough. Second, the tool selection error.
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