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The curtain mold to do _ - curtain can use washing machine Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
A, curtain mold to do

curtain moldy because of damp environment, clean up will be more difficult, in general, cleaning the musty sheets, can choose the laundry detergent with full function, first pour a little laundry detergent mixture in a basin of clear water, then soak for a while after, gently scrub, rinse clean the mould can be removed.

for difficult to remove mildew stains, 40 degrees can choose to use warm water, dilute a little soak 20 minutes after the wash (84 It is important to note that dilution ratio, otherwise it is easy to burn out fabric) 。

2, curtain can use a washing machine to clean the

clean curtain needs according to different material, there are different ways of cleaning.

in general cotton and linen curtains can be machine wash, but some easy shrink is best not to fade, there are some curtain above there are a lot of beads, ears also do not machine wash, washing machine stir back to destroy these add-ons.

wash curtains must first be removed, don't use brute force. 。 Curtain before washing to remove surface dust, can beat, shake or vacuum cleaner. There may be yellow, white curtains have encountered such a situation can add some salt in the water bubble again after a long day of cleaning, let the curtains to restore the original color.
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