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The daily cleaning and maintenance of carpet - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Carpet is common in the modern home decoration accessories, they feel soft, beautiful and practical, lay on the floor was warm and fashion. Considering that many friends may carpeted at home, but there may be some blind area in clean, so today will from five aspects, in detail introduced the carpet daily cleaning and maintenance.

for dust

the nap of carpet is easy to dust, especially such long hair carpet wool carpet, and the vacuum cleaner is a good helper for carpets.

at present, the ordinary household vacuum cleaner equipped with multiple brush head commonly, can be used to clean the carpet, but only simple cleaning, not deep cleaning.

for more, in the sitting room carpet covered by big carpet family, suggestion with a vertical roller type special carpet cleaner, or triad ( Water spray, brush clean, blot) Carpet cleaning machine. 1 - each week Two vacuum, it can effectively stop the dust mites product.

to besmirch
bound to infected with all sorts of large areas of carpet stains, different besmirch decontamination method, below we can talk about the three kinds of commonly used.

drinks drip: as long as the timely use dry your face, then use dry cloth gently wipe vinegar can usually removed.

edible oil, the oil removing relatively troublesome, but to use dry your face, with cotton swabs dipped in take the volatile solvent such as alcohol to wipe out.

wine stains: undercoat carpet cleaning with water; But if the material of carpet is wool, silk, it is best to wash with oxalic acid.

for odor

new carpet generally has a pungent odor, odor + vinegar can use warm water to remove the carpet.

with 4 heating water with 4 cups of vinegar soaks towel, twist dry towel gently wipe after carpet, finally put the carpet in the open air drying can eliminate peculiar smell. This method can also be used to eliminate the pet odor, foot odor, oh.


the carpet of home warm and soft, can be said to be a hotbed of bacteria. At present, the more effective the carpet of common antibacterial method about the following two kinds:

disinfectant aseptic: this method is to use the cleaner combined disinfectants to kill bacteria on the carpet, after vacuuming the carpet evenly sprayed with disinfectant, roller clean again after 15 minutes, finally sucked dry.

steam aseptic: this method is to use special steam sauna carpet cleaner, it can turn water into the high temperature of 200 ℃, with high temperature and high pressure, separate the dirt, and high temperature disinfection was carried out on the carpet.

the aseptic work of carpet is closely related with the health of family members, if keep pets in the home, the more frequently the carpet disinfection in addition to bacteria. Maintenance

carpet in use process, because have long been pressing will have different degree of wear and tear. To a beautiful color, material and comfortable carpet, often do the following 2 maintenance measures to prolong its service life, maintain its color and feel.

color renovation

renovation of the old carpet, the first to use the clean method, suit the remedy to the case, first clean the carpet. Then one evening in advance put salt evenly on the carpet ( A small amount) Stay one night, the next morning with a clean wet dishcloth wiped the salt, 2 - to do so Three times the color of the carpet will have different degrees of recovery.

indentation to repair

first of all, note: carpet in use after a period of time, it is best to change our position, let it wear the uniform.

second, have indentation place to wear, can choose to use gas evaporation method, with electric iron to produce steam ( Or hot towel) Gently in the carpet surface of the upper skip ( Be careful not to direct contact with the carpet, so as to avoid fiber melting) So that we can help restore indentation.

if your carpet is also need to temporarily store up, remember to sprinkle some pest control, carpet first against hair roll up, sealed plastic bags, and placed in ventilated, dry place. Don't well in open air, or the carpet you love may become rations to the worms.
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