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The difference between deerskin flocking and faux suede - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Deer velvet and what is the difference between a faux suede? Deerskin flocking and faux suede of the two kinds of cloth has a lot in common, here introduced

in the deerskin and faux suede thing in common:

all can be used to hold pillow bags, handbags, shoes, etc. The cloth of

deerskin flocking and faux suede difference:

deerskin flocking belongs to plant flannelette, which is on the basis of the net cloth by flocking machine, will grow on net cloth, wool, it has a fluffy uniform pile are plump, under the irradiation of light have a reflective effect is similar to the hair, feel and look and feel are very good, used in furniture and bags above can obviously improve the grade! And faux suede, belongs to the sanded, its fluffy is itself from the fabric, the fabric into the machine, through grinding, flannelette, pull hair out from itself, so that can guarantee the villi of strong, washable, not to drop hair wait for a characteristic, so it is very suitable for home textile, hold pillow, as well as pillow and so on product!
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