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The difference between skiing and mountaineering wear clothing fabrics - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
What is the difference between skiing and mountaineering wear garment fabrics?

a suit: generally divided into sports and travel. Athletics clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the event, to focus on the improvement of performance. Traditional clothing, benefit is not let the clothes into the snow, conjoined design, but the action is not convenient, have been knocked out, has been replaced by the fission.

mountaineering wear: one winter clothing style. Cuffs and waist constrictive. Clothes inside lining with down and feather, foam plastic or silk is light and warm materials such as cotton.

a suit of opening is given priority to with big zipper, and wear gloves when can also convenient operation. Generally a suit of color is very bright, not only from the appearance, I consider more mainly from safety shoes.

mountaineering wear required to wear off easily, make the shoulder, arm, the knee without any pressure; Pocket and more large, and need to have a bag cover, buttons, zippers, make the things in the pocket does not fall off.
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