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The different washing method, different kinds of coat Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Coat types are divided into a lot of kinds, has the suit jacket, denim jacket, dust coat, down jacket and so on many kinds. According to the coat material is qualitative different, clean coat is also divided into different ways. So below together with buy buy small coat washed under way to learn, how to do it is a correct way? Through the right way to coat can maintain better.

a, suits

the first pocket inside out to clean up garbage in it, and then the lining over air basks in 1 ~ 2 hours in the sun. Then with the brush will clothes from top to bottom along the plush or brush away dust cloth, special attention should be paid to clean up the shoulder seam and attach at the parker and the place such as collars, side side seam. Remove dirt to clear local dirty mark. Spray them with water spray wet, with a cotton ball or clothing regiment will dirty mark erase, or use the gasoline wipe.

water mist, the petrol out, even evaporate. At this time again will be little amount of washing liquid in hot water, with a dry towel swab dipped in hot water in the entire surface of the clothes. It is important to pay special attention to the general mouth, cuff, garments, placket, mouth, etc are more polished. After wipe again, will wash towels, in return for clear water, wipe again, until completely wipe. Finally with a dry towel will absorb the moisture on the clothes. In ventilated place dry iron screed can be used.

2, down jacket

down jacket is difficult to clean, there is a small opening door can help get rid of the dirty mark. For collar, cuffs, hem, such as easy to dirty place, can dip in with cotton ball in industrial alcohol brush a brush can decontamination. Need water to wash, at 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ warm water in neutral detergent or soap powder, soaking down jacket for 5 ~ 10 minutes.

wash not with washboard rub, when the duck down in case the gathering. Only with a soft brush gently wash, after being to wash the stain, use water net. Don't twist dry after washing, can use dry towel to squeeze out the water pressure. Will shake loose cloth, spread out, flattening, use hanger to hang down jacket to dry in the shade, cannot let sun exposure. Collection, put down jacket fold flat, in a suitcase. Because of the clothing will not be bug eat by moth, so don't put camphor ball in the suitcase.

3, windbreaker,

when washing dust coat, can use first immerse the trench coat in cold water for a while, and then in 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ warm water in the washing powder, light put dust coat in the washing machine wash or hand gently knead, attention can never use washboard, also cannot wrest, dust coat appear wrinkles, waterproof windbreaker. After wash, and then rinse it twice.

4, jeans

jeans generally difficult to wash, so should be with a neutral detergent soak before washing 2 ~ 3 hours, after being besmirch basic bubble in addition to, and then fasten jeans button and zip, and lining turn to outside, the clothes into the washing machine washing. This can avoid the content such as buttons or zip scratch the body, but also protect the surface of clothes, to reduce the wear degree.
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