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The distinguish method of goat leather and sheep leather? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
The distinguish method of goat leather and sheep leather? Sheep leather: is characterized by grain pore is flat, is inclined to deep inside the leather, the pores formed a set of a few root, arranged like scales or dentate. Pattern characteristics such as & other; Water ripple & other; Shape. In the sheep leather is divided into sheep leather and goat leather.

: sheep leather fat content in the cortex is more, the leather fibre is flabby, very soft, grain meticulous, extensibility is bigger, but not strong.

goat leather: the layer of fat content is less, fibrous tissue than sheep leather full, solid and durable.

goat leather and sheep leather difference:

sheep leather grain surface smooth. Goat leather pores clear, leathery elastic. No matter the breeding sheep leather products made of clothing has a beautiful decorative pattern, luster and soft, thin and soft, elastic, but the intensity of leather cattle and pig leather.

epidermis in hair, clingy at the top of the dermis is composed of different shape of epidermal cells arranged. The thickness of epidermis and varies as an animal, such as cowhide skin thickness of the total thickness of 0. 5 ~ 1. 5%; Sheep skins and goat skin for 2 ~ 3%. While the pigskin for 2 ~ 5%. Leather is located in the epidermis, between skin and subcutaneous tissue, are an integral part of raw hide. The weight or thickness of raw hides more than 90%.
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