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The front desk to receive the clothes must pay attention to these problems Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
01 clothing of damageable parts

neckline, cuffs, mouth, leg, placket, hem, elbow, hip. These parts in the process of wearing clothes because of frequent mechanical friction, we call these parts of the clothing clothing of damageable parts.

for the bright, dark clothes ( Big red, dark blue, green, purple, brown, black, etc. ) , after washing clothes of damageable parts 95% of all the phenomenon of colored light white, the front desk must be in after washing effect specifically for the customer, what! Actually we just take a look at carefully, these damageable parts itself has the phenomenon of colored light white.

02 daylight part of the clothing

the shoulders, arms, big lapels, knees. Often suffer from these place, and under the collar or axillary facial compared to the fabric will have more or less difference in color, the front desk to give the customer noted that state!

3 serious besmirch cover parts of the clothing

due to the nature of the besmirch itself, such as: high temperature, acid, alkaline, salt resistance, etc. , these fabric more or less have corrosion, these parts may appear after washing color shallow, color change or even damaged, must be in at the front desk after washing effect on prescient pointed out that, for the customer specify.

4 view clothing what defective

A, broken categories:

fringed, brush hair, scratch, hang silk, smooth silk and silk, white, shiny, grinding, hole, pilling, foaming, leather crack, peeling, buckle bad, zippers, fell down, dropping, bead piece, flower-like defect pattern, etc. These places to show customers, may be more serious after washing, the consent of the customer recognition.

B, color stains:

( 1) Natural pigment: fruit juice, jam, soy sauce, weeds juice, coffee, juice, tea, juice, oil sauce, wine, beverage, mildew spot, asphalt, lipstick, Indonesia, red, blue ink, ball-point pen, glue, paint, etc. Their performance on clothes for the color of various shapes, & other; Juice & throughout; Good, glue and color ( Red, yellow, blue, green, black, etc. ) Not removed. And customer communication, & other; * * hello! The place we are going to do special treatment, okay, we accept special disposal fee * *, on the premise of not affect fabric without disposal, we only charge a conventional XiDiFei ha & throughout; 。

the consent of the customer approved the ticket open after good, reservation of bar code and instructions, and write down the customer's phone number, facilitate after factory technicians in communication with customers in a timely manner when dealing with clothes.

( 2) Synthetic dyes: the color of the clothes stained with other dyes. Divided into series of color ( Dye bath series) , a color ( Contact list) , spread and color ( Interface string) Three conditions. Processing is difficult, the same as the above to communicate with customers.

( 3) Pigment type pigment: mainly include ink, carbon ink, pigment paste. These stains treatment difficulty is greater, the result is bad, generally do not deal with. But to communicate with customers. “ * * hello! This place generally wash not to drop, we try to handle for you ha & throughout; 。

( 4) High temperature burns of color change and the reactive chemicals cause color: cigarette carbon very hot coke iron yellow, iron iron yellow black, not serious can handle, serious only darning processing. Chemical reactivity of color change, such as: 84 burns, rust, developing potions, hair dye and acid and alkali caused by the change of color, these are special processing, also want to communicate with customers.

C, sensation:

feel clothing fabrics, cashmere, silk, wool, leather fur all have their own special inherent handle, when we receive the clothes want to touch more, see a different place without feeling, these fabrics they feel softness, smooth may just as well, fluffy, mercerizing, drape, elasticity, etc as the grade of the clothes is different, its texture is not the same. So, when we check the clothing should note: velvet, pour wool, wool were not MAO, pedal and hard dry, dull luster, pedal, etc. , these problems will give the customer points out that is written on the ticket.

05 to see what is missing clothing

our garments to look pretty and practical besides colorful, often also with some decorations makeup dot, what?

decals, weaving, printing figure, buttons, leather buttons, pimp, spell leather, zipper, pull head, beads, hanging tablets, collar, sleeve MAO MAO, tops, hats, belts, cuff, MAO qiu, clothing brand logo, metal threaded fasteners, etc.

these although decorate clothing, but they are also the clothes of vulnerable parts, be sure to check out when we receive the clothes, there is lack of or defect must give the customer points out that is written on the ticket.

6 look overall clothing

main whether clothes shrink deformation, bright lights, scarlet, etc. These must also points out that the instructions and specify for the customer.
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