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The fur coat to harden? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24

b. Fur available glauber's salt ( Also known as sodium sulphate) 5 two, salt 5, add cold water 5 jins, melt into the solution;

as a result of the fur coat of fur skin and hair are form has its particularity, so saving should be different from other garments. In general, save the fur clothing requirements ventilated, dry, this is because the fur skin and hair are based on protein as main ingredients of fiber, under wet condition, pedal mildew rot easily, MAO was vulnerable to insect damage. Before in the box to save, first of all, should remove all oil and dirt on the fur clothing, because the dust with a lot of mold, attached to the fur clothing for a long time, easy cause fur protein denaturation.

fur clothing from its USES can be divided into two classes: class is for the purpose of warm MAO took a dress; Another kind is a decoration for the main purpose of MAO outwards wear fur clothing ( Also called suede fur clothing) 。 Warm warm fur clothing, used bamboo pole or cane tap the clothing first, removing dust, MAO was there are oil, mixture with ammonia, alcohol and water is swabbed clean, ratio of 1:2:50 ammonia, alcohol and water, and then hang dry in a cool ventilated place, to be fully dry, in part by MAO put some mothballs, stacked into the box, or hang in the enclosure.

save suede fur clothing and general requirements before save, slight tapping with a bamboo pole or cane by MAO, remove dirt, and then dipped in hot water with a soft towel color photos will be brushed hair, remove stains and hang dry in a cool ventilated place, after being fully dry, hang on the hanger, put in ventilated, dry place, the upper part of the best in the fur to hang a piece of camphor ball.

note don't store suede garment folded, so as not to reduce the fur is elastic. In the south of the plum rains season or the rainy season in the north, often should remove fur clothing drying, cannot be stacked for a long time. Storage location, generally better than downstairs, upstairs is better than high temperature, low temperature place indoor clean is preferred. In conditional family is best for fur clothing location on a regular basis for sterilization and disinfection treatment.
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