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The harm of laundry tablets _ laundry piece what side effect - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Laundry piece what harm, a lot of friends in the process of using laundry tablets, are worried about that, here small make up under the disambiguation for everyone.

ingredients, laundry tablets side effects to the person you
preferred to understand laundry tablets, surfactant, biodegradation enzymes, plant extracts, essence, excluding other often add phosphorus and alkali washing products and fluorescent agent, phosphorus and strong alkaline detergent can affect human body to absorb calcium, affect a child's height, the old man would cause disease such as osteoporosis, waist pain, so the washing components there is no side effect to human body.

2, the harm of common traditional detergent

(1), the harm of washing powder
with very strong alkaline, and some are phosphorus chemical is strong, although the decontamination also good, is easy to hurt the hand, and go to bubble. Wash the water to the environment pollution.

(2), laundry soap, the harm of main composition is a soap base (
The fatty acid composition of the oil) , is also slightly alkaline, soap for oil decomposition, good, is also because of this, soap, it will damage the skin's ph balance, in winter prone to dry skin, itching, scurfy wait for a symptom.

(3), the harm of laundry detergent
in which most of the laundry detergent added fluorescent whitening agent. The effect of fluorescent whitening agent is to make the washed clothes look more white. For healthy people, fluorescent whitening agent will not cause a big damage to human body, but for people with sensitive skin, fluorescent whitening agent is likely to cause a series of reaction

summary: laundry does not contain the above ingredients, also won't produce the harm, laundry sheet no harm and side effects, so to speak.
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