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The introduction of laundry tablets and traditional difference - washing products Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Laundry tablets have clean clean power, natural health any harmful to add, and does not contain fluorescent bleaching agent and phosphorus chemicals slightly a harm to human body. Now a lot of people find washing clothes is a very troublesome thing, especially when we wash clothes with oil, ordinary washing products cannot completely clean. Laundry piece has a powerful ability to besmirch, can let the stain on our clothes cleaned completely.

laundry tablets advantages and methods of use

home and families with a child during cleaning children's clothing will be very headache, children play at ordinary times often with dirt on clothes. Or in a meal and oil will be easily to clean stains on their clothes, more many bacteria clothes on clothes. We all know that these stains, once touched on the clothes will be hard to remove! Ordinary washing powder detergents don wash not to drop these stains mention bacteria on clean clothes. And our laundry tablets to the minimum quantity of cleaning out all kinds of stains on the clothes, its unique nanoparticles technology can quickly decompose besmirch on clothing and bacteria.

everybody knows the child's skin is more sensitive, ordinary detergent for containing phosphorus, phosphorus and irritating smell. So after washing the clothes, can make the material of clothes become rough and even rinse clean will also irritating smell. If the child is the detergent washing clothes, may appear allergic phenomenon. Laundry tablets without irritating smell clean clothes wear will not appear any allergic phenomenon, laundry cleaned clothes comes with the smell of the fragrance, so that we even at ordinary times can be free of perfume.

ordinary detergent cleaning products such as laundry detergent containing phosphorus and fluorescent bleaching agent, known as p is not only used in washing powder as the effect of descaling, phosphorus is not only a combustible materials but also in the heats up after the water, also widely used in the phosphorus insecticides. Everyone is phosphorus can be used in pesticide, so what are the side effects in applied in washing powder? After use detergent to wash the clothes, we can touch had just finished washing clothes feel warm clothes. But our laundry does not contain phosphorus compounds.

now on the market of laundry detergent containing fluorescent bleaching agent, long-term wear have fluorescent bleaching agent residue is harm for our health. Everyone know fluorescent agent added in the mask of force can make the mask whitening brighten effect is more obvious, but the fluorescent agent use too much cause cancer we elder sister also knows this. So we looked at wash clothes although with laundry detergent, bright but in bright is mixed with the hazards. Laundry sheet does not contain any harm human body such as fluorescence additive substance.

laundry tablets efficacy

laundry tablets using the latest technology of nanoparticles, make its surface has a large amount of surfactant, the surfactant is composed of many small molecular structure, it is because of the effect of the molecular structure that makes clothing dirt nowhere to run. Compared with other laundry detergent laundry sheet does not contain any harmful chemical additive, safer to use more at ease!
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