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The invention of the dry cleaning, the development and prospects Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
First of all, we must first understand what is dry cleaning dry washing is to use organic solvent to wash clothes, including removal of grease stain or a dry into dry out the washing. Because the water not in direct contact with clothing, washing clothes so called dry cleaning. Originated in France in Paris, so people often call it & other; French laundry & throughout; 。 The main characteristics of dry cleaning is to avoid water damage to clothing fabrics, not shrink, deformation, good protective color, not easy to cause clothes fade, soft, easy to ironing and can thoroughly clean the oil pollution or stain on clothes. Suitable for those who should not be washed fabric and fade. Has excellent to prevent deformation and keep fiber fabric colour and lustre is original advantages, as well as increasing the wear life of the clothes. After washing and disinfection and sterilization of special efficacy is not easy to eat by moth to preserve.



the inventor jolly & middot; Swabs to a poor family, was born in Paris when the handyman in an aristocratic family. A jolly kerosene drops to the lady gave him on ironing clothes, ladies insisted that jolly compensation, give her game of shuttlecocks workers a year, and jolly got that dress, he found the clothes were soaked in kerosene place not only not dirty, instead of the original besmirch clear, after repeated experiments, jolly and kerosene added some other chemical raw materials, finally developed a dry cleaner. Dry cleaning was born.

dry clean originated in the early 19th century, Paris, France. Legend, a man named Jean - Jolly Frenchman in Paris have a dyeing factory, one day, one factory workers accidentally overturned a lamp on the desk, the oil wet cloth on the table, after the tablecloth dry, Jolly was surprised to find a dirty tablecloth has been oil wet places on obvious than in other places to clean, back to explore the oil, the original is a kind of call, ene. So Jolly infer, this kind of material have clean effect, and argues that apply certain solvent in the absence of water in washing process can remove some wash not to drop the oil stain, and then to develop applied in the factory. The washing process is the initial stage of dry cleaning now. Because of the dry cleaning, from France until today, also some people called the dry cleaning this way of washing & other French washing & throughout; 。


the first 50 years after the birth of the dry cleaning, use benzene, such as kerosene, gasoline, camphor terpene solvent. These solvents are flammable, often causing a fire. Due to this fatal flaw, dry cleaning technology is difficult to promotion. In 1897, leipzig, Germany Lv Dewei case & middot; Ann tring to step into dry cleaning technology. He invented the use of carbon tetrachloride as a dry cleaner. Carbon tetrachloride washing effect is good, non-flammable, but has a pungent smell. And corrosive to equipment. By 1918, Europe began to use trichloroethylene to replace carbon tetrachloride. From then on, the dry cleaning industry gradually developed.

laundry already realize mechanization in the 21st century. Commonly used dry lotion was invented in 1928, tao of solvents and a derived from oil and solvent ─ ─ perc, which is harmless to human body health, and no fire danger. Because of dry lotion price is quite expensive, so in is clean, often have to squeeze out from the clothing of the solvent distillation, after filtered again, can be used repeatedly.


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the European and American developed countries such as dry cleaning has several one hundred years of history, has formed a complete system, whether in big cities or small towns, dry cleaners are everywhere, has become the necessities of life, and the dry cleaning industry in China has experienced the first decades of the blank period, the real development in China has more than 10 years of history, is not perfect, relatively, basic is a big city is not saturated, the small city is also the lack of the villages and towns basic is blank, throughout the history of dry cleaning of the world, it as part of the people's life that occupy the home, through a period of extraordinary road, dry cleaning industry the desire in the world especially in China's a dry heat. With the large increase in China's consumption level, people's clothing class, has higher requirement for dry cleaning of all ages, is the dry cleaning has been regarded as a part of life, the dry cleaning industry will be developed quickly.
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