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The laundry piece exclusive swathes of the world's new skills! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Early in life, and the second thing, we know that this sentence. As senior animals, though, but still need to like the ordinary animals: & other; Eat & throughout; 。 So, zero zero total total dazzling all kinds of food can also breed, historically, longevity. Catering industry is also as a new business, three hundred and sixty line often show long and catering industry also formed its own unique culture, said more directly is a kind of & other; Eat & throughout; In the culture.

food to where go to eat & other Version & throughout; Is able to withstand the temptation, see have always wanted to taste, meet the needs of taste buds. Palatable food eat neglected details to avoid the soup splatters clothes, wash not to drop, worried and ruined a beautiful dress, always undoubtedly affect the mood of food. Learn to laundry skills, want to don't have to worry about after the version soup splatters destroyed the clothes. Laundry active material is as high as 75. 2%, detergency stronger more thoroughly, more clean and smooth.

just tore a piece of laundry labeled with traces of liquid position, after a few minutes. Rub it can easily wash out the stain. Worry about stubborn liquid wash not to drop? It doesn't matter, there is way, each box of laundry will be equipped with a 20 ml bottle of super decontamination scouring essence, the stubborn stains lightly spray a spray, with a small piece of laundry before washing, can be cleaned completely.

bring home laundry skills, enjoy food can not elegant, how comfortable how to, it doesn't matter if soiled clothes, have a laundry tablets.
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