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The paper can be used to simple test towel fastness - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
National cotton textile product testing center of quality inspection department expert thinks, towel rub off is not equal to contain toxic and harmful substances, some normal manufacturer produces products will have a layer of floating color. Can then rub off as identifying criteria for towel?

the China textile academy of sciences researcher zhang yan tells us a simple way, colorful towel before the choose and buy, with a clean paper towel or POTS of water to identify. Because towel is the main reason of the unqualified and color fastness to water imbibition is not up to standard, poor color fastness of towel will clearly rub off, but some of the normal product does have a floating color, when the choose and buy as long as the selected paper towel towel rub back and forth a few times, if the color is just a small touch on paper towels or no touch, show that towel color fastness is very good, is a qualified product, whereas with color on paper towels, towels fade easily, so its color fastness is relatively poor, the quality is naturally.

of course, buy towels can be placed in clean water after washing a few times, in general, good quality towel just at the first washing will remove some floating color. If every time rub off, it is best not to use this quality towel washing a face, like a use & other Chemical dyestuff & throughout; Wash a face, over time, is a severe damage to the skin.

pick smell before

in fact, before choosing colorful towel should also smell the towel, because, some manufacturers use inferior towel some disable dyestuff, benzidine kind of carcinogenic substance is contained in these dyestuff, produces the pungent smell. Some inferior towel has a fishy, the smell of petrol, is not caused by storage or transport, but by the manufacturer of mechanical processing equipment leaking, do not conform to the hygiene standards, so good quality color towel should be no peculiar smell.

pure cotton towel is the preferred

for all kinds of texture color towel, good water imbibition, gas permeability of pure cotton towel or skin care of choice. When choosing cotton towel at the first light to see if the colour and lustre of towel uniform, soft, colour and lustre if too light, blended with polyester or other fiber. At the same time, feel with the hand towel softness, if uneven soft, hard, or just stiff, is not pure cotton. Can also draw two cotton, if the sound is crisp and instructions are of good quality and not brittle, explain quality is poorer.
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