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The quilt for a long time not to wash, do you know how dirty? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
A third of one's life time in sleep, means that a third of people life time in bed. People will automatically discharge in the sleep 200 cc sweat, other and scurfy, sebum and saliva. The sweat, dander, oil, grease, saliva is the best nutrition food, mites unconsciously promote the breeding of mites. Studies have shown that mite asthma is one of the reasons, hereditary dermatitis and other allergic symptoms. We all change clothes, bedding also needs washing, it is the core of a comfortable sleep, healthy life.

the sun every week the quilt is not line?

drying the quilt is a effective way to dry bedding, remove moisture. With sunshine taste of bedding, we all feel comfortable to sleep. But bask in the quilt of slapping a quilt at the same time, does not remove the dust mites and into the interior. Pat will not hurt bedding, will also mite bones and feces mite allergen made into a fine powder and more not easy eduction.

it is ok to wash the quilt cover and pillowcase?

quilt cover, of course, such as washing is important. Wash bedding bag without XiBei core, isn't it and wash the clothes don't wash the body makes no sense? Of course is not the core of washing can't remove the WuYuan.

especially in bed long time daily baby and old people can't get out of bed, bed patients, to keep the bedding clean sheets washing is especially important.

so we recommend washing sheets:

1, wash the corpses of mite, and feces.

2, kill mite larva and adult worms and eggs.

3, remove bask in quilt cannot remove perspiration, dander, oil, grease, saliva, etc.

don't use the bedding safekeeping tips:

1, the usual cleaning, open bedding the ambry of a placement with a vacuum cleaner to clean. Cabinet inside easily accumulate moisture does not open for a long time, open to let air flow slightly.

2, don't put bedding directly in ambry, put on bamboo mat, bedding is put on the above, such good air circulation.

when using the bedding of the trick!

1, rose up in the morning, let the sheets into the fresh air. Bedding remain the same, is the body of internal residual gas do not send out, are the causes of moisture. Rose up in the morning, so should open bed, bedding into the air.

2, bedding after drying, mites will run into the interior of The Times, the application of the vacuum cleaner on both sides of the bedding vacuuming, so mites or mite corpses will suck out.
why at home can't wash the sheets?

first of all, we usually use the washing machine is commonly 5 - family 7 kg, few family use 10 kg capacity; Bedding washing must use large capacity washing machine is obvious. Secondly bedding drying after washing is troubling. The sun is easy to damage bedding, so only in order; And the shade drying time long bacteria, sent to the laundry to wash care is also a good choice!
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