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The right amount of washing powder can make the washing effect better

by:Jingliang     2023-05-30
The washing effect of the washing machine often depends on the action of the detergent to achieve the best washing effect, but how to wash it, people often do not understand very well. There are still many users who think that the more detergent you put in, the cleaner your clothes will be. In fact, this is not the case. The following washing powder processing will teach you a little secret to make clothes cleaner: choose which washing powder to use according to the material of the clothes. Use synthetic detergents, preferably low-foaming or non-foaming detergents. Synthetic laundry detergent is roughly divided into three types: neutral, weakly alkaline and strongly alkaline. When washing silk and wool fabrics, it is appropriate to use neutral or weak alkaline; when washing cotton and linen fabrics with a lot of oil stains, it is better to use strong alkaline; when washing clothes with blood stains, oil stains, etc. Use enzyme-added washing powder; when washing rusted fabrics, it is advisable to use washing powder containing sodium borate. The washing powder should be completely melted first. If the water temperature is too low, it is difficult for the washing machine to dissolve the washing powder, resulting in the formation of small agglomerates. You can first use a small amount of warm water around 30°C to dissolve them completely. If the clothes are very dirty, they can be washed with warm water at 40℃-50℃. The amount of washing powder should be appropriate. Excessive use of washing powder is both wasteful and difficult to rinse clean. If the amount is too small, the washing effect will be weakened. Soak the clothes before starting the machine. The very dirty clothes should be washed and rubbed by hand first, and then machine washed. The above is a brief introduction of washing powder processing to the proper amount of washing powder to achieve better washing effect. Welcome to inquire: https://www.jingliang-pod.com/
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