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The right way to wash the clothes, you know? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Most people don't like to wash the clothes, always took pains are still faced with a pile of dirty clothes into the washing machine, although it is very easy, but in the long run would damage the quality of clothes, the clothes in different bacterial infections, also make the clothes more to wash the dirty, so how can we correct wash his clothes and keep your clothes clean?

1, the dirty clothes to soak the

dirty clothes can not directly under the washing machine, so it is easy to jam the washing machine, washing machine early ageing, it is best to first soak 20 - ahead of schedule 30 minutes, can effectively soak off excess waste, easier to wash clothes to soften, then dry in the washing machine.

2, inner coat to separate

underwear easily full day of bacteria, intestinal tract, urinary tract discharge all sorts of bacteria, such as grape bacteria, escherichia coli, etc. Strong coat also has numerous pathogens, such as golden staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, etc. So strong a bacteria if wash together, will have the possibility of cross infection, so the garment must be washed separately.

3, light color dark clothes to separate

to the dark clothes before washing, light color clothes washed apart, light color wash first, again ordinal with dark or fade easily, so that we can better protect the clothes.

4, detergent cannot excessive

to control the amount of detergent, wash the clothes have indicated detailed detergent packing dosage, according to the specific use, such as general 1 kg plus 10 to 20 grams. Fruit clothes not very dirty bubble can don't use too much washing powder, such both neither can hurt hands and environmental protection, environmental protection should choose as far as possible without phosphorus detergent.

5, unfavorable and overmuch water

the amount of water in detail according to the detailed instruction to add water washing machine in the home, buy a washing machine before to pay attention to this, the general is above the wash his clothes, and don't too little and too much don't diffuse out very trouble.

6, can't use hot water to wash the

with hot water to wash clothes, heat bilges cold shrink, heat deformation, easy to cause the clothes fade, should wash with warm water.

7, different washing time

more dirty clothes to wash longer, relative control time is not very dirty, don't wash so long.

8, special processing besmirch

example: the older blood on his clothes available borax 2 1, 10% concentration of ammonia and water mixture of 20 wipe and, after being 'blood to remove, and then rinse clean. The old blood can also use the lemon juice and salt water to wash.

example: clothing soup, sauce, milk on the spot should be use gasoline wipe brush first, after waiting for the grease of the spot remove 1 with 10% concentration of ammonia and water dilution solution made up five copies for cleaning, carefully wash with water.

9,, the sun drying clothes try to choose

sometimes when we wash a lot of clothes just to rain, the weather can't, but we will try to put up the clothes to dry, if it have be raining for days, we have to use the dryer or blow hair as the clothes to dry, wet dry clothes is easy to mold, the mold of clothes is useless, affect beautiful, also infected with the bacteria, so people try to put up the clothes to bask in the sunshine ventilated place.
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