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The smell on the clothes to go out? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Sometimes, we will find that even if the washed clothes will still have all sorts of peculiar smell, let a person distress. This article in view of the common clothes odor problems provide some tips for you.

remove dry cleaners potions taste

the clothes to the dry cleaners do, sometimes there is a potion smell after back. This is because there are many kinds of efficient removal of all kinds of oily be soiled, laundry stain bleaching lotion, clothes is tasty. Suggest clothes take home after hanging in first vents bug powder flavour, receive clothes.

eliminate mildew, sweat

sometimes washing clothes with sweat, like mold, because the clothes without ventilation to dry, after washing clothes acid smell of corruption, mostly caused by bacterial growth.

Step 1 suggest washing again and do a good job in the sterilization and then dried under sunlight and ventilation. If encounter drizzly day, can directly use the washing machine with drying function drying, air again in a cool, dry place, washes the clothes there will be no taste.

Step 2 can be soaked the clothes after washing clothes in the water, add a small spoon of salt in the water, rinse dried again after spending half an hour. Sweat, mildew remove didn't not only, still can sterilization. Drying clothes, make clothes and leave enough space between the clothing, avoid by all means do not put the wet clothes together sun, such bacteria.
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