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The steps of scientific laundry are all here!

by:Jingliang     2022-11-29
Before you wash clothes yourself, remember to read the care labels on your clothes. Some article labels indicate that they are not recommended for use in the dryer, but require a cold water rinse, or do not go into the washing machine at all. Dry cleaning may be better for items you care about, more expensive items, or finer fabrics like nylon or wool. Step 1 Separate the white clothes from the white clothes unless you want all the clothes to be dyed. You will do loads of white and color separately. Step 2 Once you have the clothes in front of you, turn on the machine. When setting the machine at their respective temperatures, a good choice is warm water to wash clothes, and rinse after cooling. Not only is it more expensive to use hot water to wash clothes, but it should not be used to wash cotton clothes. Once you have selected the temperature settings for your load, set the machine to the type of load you are doing. This step is pretty self-explanatory - for small loads, like just a few t-shirts and underwear, set the machine to small, and for larger loads, choose large. Unless you don't finish your laundry in two weeks, you probably have a medium load. Step 3 Turn on the machine and put the necessary amount of detergent into the washing machine. Use the cup provided in the box or bottle to measure the necessary amount. Before putting clothes in the washing machine, let the detergent mix and rinse with water. Liquid detergents allow for more efficient washing because powder detergents do not always dissolve properly. For white loads, bleach is recommended to better whiten your clothes and help remove stains more effectively. Avoid bleaching on yourself or your clothes. Add bleach before putting clothes in the washing machine. Step 4 Dump your dirty laundry into the washing machine (remember, one load is for the light and the other is for the dark). Check your washing machine's manual - some machines require you to put your clothes in detergent before the machine. An extra tip: When washing items in prints or specific colors, washing the inside of the garment helps keep the color of the item and prevents the color or pattern from appearing to be washed off.
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