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The temperature control of the dry cleaning solvent for washing quality what is the effect? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
In the process of dry cleaning, dry cleaning solvent temperature is too high or too low will produce harmful effects. Therefore, control the temperature of the laundry in the process of dry cleaning oil is also an important factor to ensure the quality of laundry.

1. The influence of solvent temperature

temperature is exorbitant, overheat solvent will wrinkle the clothes. Although in the process of dry cleaning, usually only very little water to join, but there were always some clothes from the inhalation of water exists in the nature, especially some clothes made of natural ingredients. One kilogram of wool, for example, can absorb 120 grams of water, and don't feel tide. Of thermal sensitive synthetic fabrics and blended fabric wrinkling by dissolving too hot, too.

hotter solvent will cause the loss of color, which makes the control of the color problem, finally is subdued, solvent affect the quality of laundry.

overheat solvent will produce the bad smell, it may be that the decomposition of fatty acid in solvent or other impurities decomposition, will also be contaminated clothing.

2. Dissolve the influence of low temperature

the temperature of the solvent is too low, can affect to join in the dry cleaning oil soap oil, reduce its efficacy, make its suspension cannot give full play to the function.

low temperature of the solvent may also affect the dry cleaning oil oh can play. Dry cleaning oil's main function is to remove oily dirt, dissolve too cold is not fully play the role of to oily be soiled.

in addition, the dry washer solvent too cold also can cause the pressure of the filter is too high. Because some impurities should be dissolved in solvent, do not dissolve in cold solvent. So for a long time, the increasing frequent cleaning filter problem, it may damage the filter.

the temperature of the solvent should be kept at 21 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, only can get the best washing effect in the temperature range.
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