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The understanding of the paint, leather - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
The surface processed into light solid leather, is a strong surface effect and the style of clothing materials. A variety of colorful paint paint tight fashion and imitation, and paint pipi bottom shoes fit me fine, is now fashionable goods. In the late 1990 s useful patent leather shoes and casual shoes. Patent leather cowhide is processed. Wrinkle paint is widely used at present, its advantage is: feel is good, soft leather. Wrinkle paint in the process of leather making, make skin soft and drum, and then to drench lacquer, it bright as a mirror of the paint. Wrinkles such as broken lines, toughened glass skin body soft and do not break cowhide features, products made of comfortable and has a unique taste.

paint, wrinkle paint maintenance: wrinkle paint is made of neutral resin coating, so is not easy to rub off, the surface not bibulous, maintenance is more convenient, can use wet cloth clean surface dust ( Is better to not drop) Gently scrub clean, with no velvet soft cloth to wipe clean can, also can use leather cleaner or cleaning cream maintenance, but cannot use brightener or shoe cream maintain, brightener can cause false peeling coating, shoes milk can make hair black, wrinkle paint above 10 ℃ in best is preferred.
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