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The washing powder processing manufacturer introduces the relevant knowledge of the active ingredients of washing powder

by:Jingliang     2023-06-06
I believe you are not unfamiliar with the relevant knowledge of washing powder, because the use of this product is also indispensable in our daily life. Various types of water such as tap water, spring water, and even seawater have shown good decontamination effects and are widely used in various fabrics. Therefore, their production and use have developed rapidly, and they are an indispensable washing product for almost every family. Today, the washing powder processing manufacturers introduce the relevant knowledge of the active ingredients of washing powder: the active ingredients of washing powder are the main components in the detergent. Washing active ingredients are a class of substances called surfactants. Their function is to weaken the adhesion between stains and clothes. Under the action of mechanical forces such as washing water flow and hand rubbing or agitation of washing machines, the stains are released from the clothes. To achieve the purpose of washing clothes. 1. In order to achieve a good decontamination effect, the washing powder should contain enough active ingredients. In order to ensure the washing effect of washing powder, the competent department has stipulated the lower content of active ingredients in washing powder. According to the type of active agent used and the type of product, the amount of active ingredients in washing powder should generally not be less than 13%; 2. Because many surfactants have strong foaming ability, consumers can use experience to dissolve detergent from washing powder. Judging the pros and cons of washing powder based on the situation of foaming after water; 3. However, some washing powders specially used for drum washing machines have much worse foaming ability than ordinary washing powders. This is because the drum washing machine mainly relies on the mechanical force generated by the tumbling of the clothes in the drum to achieve the purpose of washing the clothes. The excessive foam in the washing solution will greatly weaken the mechanical force generated by the tumbling of the clothes, which will greatly reduce the cleaning effect. That's all the content introduced by the washing powder processing manufacturer, I hope it can help you.
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