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The wet clothes smell? With laundry, decontamination aseptic eliminate peculiar smell, make you relaxed all day! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Southern region and in the rainy season, the washed clothes for a few days also not stem, very not easy to dry your clothes, but there is a soup of musty, walking in the crowd would automatically stealth, this kind of pain, I understand.

how pleasant in the rainy day to wash clothes?

with laundry tablets, it is to wash the clothes in order to make more easily, let the life have more quality more fashionable and beautiful.

laundry laundry principle: is a biological active enzyme, can produce dissolved in water after hydrolytic decomposition stain, achieve the goal of deep decontamination.

enzyme components have antiseptic effect, dilute solution for 20 minutes or so after, can effectively kill e. coli, staphylococcus aureus and some harmful pathogens, mite, can effectively inhibit bacterial spore reproductive and generated.

the laundry pieces of THREE advantages

washing products than in the past also perfect:

ONE: decontamination ability

are rich in deep clean decontamination factor and biological active enzyme, thoroughly dissolve stubborn stains

TWO: the sterilization effect of

can effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria and mites, and can effectively inhibit bacteria reproduction and generated, does not contain harmful chemicals

THREE: natural plant ingredients synthetic

contain coconut oil extract, it does not hurt the clothing, effectively prevent clothes fade, make clothing more soft after washing.

laundry tablets not only can effectively remove stains bacteria, even if the clothes are in the room to dry there will be no peculiar smell. Has natural antibacterial function, can effectively prevent bacterial growth, achieve good deodorization effect of fragrant. With it, are you still afraid of rainy day to wash clothes?
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