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The white sweater with the 84 bleaching, can find the rhythm of the smoke! - - - - - - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Sweater with alkaline detergent or chlorine bleach wash will be yellow, and will make sweaters fiber damage. When washing the sweater, bleaching products must choose the right, below to see which products can't use it.

sweater can use detergent to wash?

sweater not alkali resistance, can not use detergent to wash, washing powder is alkaline. Sweater appropriate USES neutral excluding enzyme detergent cleaning, had better use special wool detergent.

sweater can use 84 disinfection liquid bleach?

can't, because 84 disinfectant has certain bleaching, apply to white cotton, hemp, polyester and its three kinds of blended fabrics. Cannot be used for silk, wool, nylon, leather surface.

sweater after the use of 84 disinfectant can make the fiber damage, cause yellowing, and is unable to recover, recommend the use of 84 disinfectant before view product instructions carefully, do not use 84 disinfectant to clean sweater.

sweater can use bleach washed?

do not use chlorine bleaching liquid stains, woolen fabric available oxygen bleach or mild indicate the bleach can use a sweater. Liquid chlorine bleaching stain can dissolve protein fiber, wool, silk belong to protein fiber, once the cleaning serious yellow, brittle damage occurs, so before wash sweater with bleach water, should be carefully see clear bleach composition, don't wash bad sweater.

conventional household bleach is usually referred to 84 disinfectant, and 84 mainly of sodium hypochlorite, this kind of material can dissolve proteins, should not use.

sweater cleaned note

sweater should use extrusion washing, avoid twist wring, extrusion in addition to water, split the air-dried or binary suspension in order; Wet plastic or plastic when half work, can in addition to wrinkles, you are the sun exposure; To use the softener to maintain soft feel and antistatic. Deep color generally easy to fade, should wash separately.


wool products clothing, especially a light sweater or delicate precious sweater, professional laundry care around must be sent to the home, not only not shrink deformation, and the effect of sterilization insect-resistant eat by moth, don't cry because it is saving money, pound-foolish!
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