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These five kinds of laundry accident, basically you have experienced! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
1, fabric with coating on dry wash hair hard, fracture accident

the reason: because of the fabric have adopted a special process in production, waterproof ability, increase the cold dry fabrics sometimes react with tetrachloroethylene, or drying temperature too high, so there are dry cleaning after hardening reaction, mainly is the insufficient washing people's experience, choose the washing method is not correct.

advice: should choose hand wash, cold water immersion, use weak alkaline detergent, using a soft brush to scrub, drown themselves after fully, after acid treatment, air-dried.

2, suede, leather dry cleaning to harden, the fracture accident

reason: this kind of fabric is belong to the viscose fiber, washing people's experience is limited, the recognition of fabric has a certain error, select the washing method is not correct, should adopt the way of hand washing, washing;

advice: due to the particularity of the fabrics, so it is better to wash in cold water when washing, drowned by scrubbing method cannot make clothing fold, the best, will be flat out on the washing clothes. Rinse off with clear water, after fully by drowning, absolutely not use dryer dehydration, cannot by hand wring dry, apply big towel dry the water on the clothing, the lining, hangers on them.

3, iron clothes bright accident

the reason: a part of the cause of the fabrics, mainly appear in the basket of one-side gabardine fabric, black, coffee, because in a long time, make wool fiber layer scales fall off, or when ironing pressure is too large, the iron temperature is too high, is easy to produce the light;

advice: when pressing this kind of fabric, we should pay attention to the temperature of the iron is unfavorable and exorbitant, best ironing pad water cloth, not in a position by rubbing, moderate pressure; If found out the light when ironing, should immediately pad water cloth, ironed, should be recovered, conditions allow, can use acetic acid water soak 1 & ndash; 2 hours, eased.

4, wash down jacket accident

reason: detergent, incomplete myself here, did not completely dry, without acid treatment.

advice: washing: nylon face down jacket before washing, should as far as possible with water immersion, containing the detergent to scrub clean parts after 30 minutes, and then washed with water washing machine, color matching the down jacket, it's best not to immerse for long periods of time in case of decoloring, washing water should be used first clothes wet, immediately to scrub; Rinse drown themselves should be clean, as far as possible when finally oxalic acid treatment, drying conditions to dry, no dryer should be air-dried, after surface drying, dragged into a ball of fluff by hand inside open, pat until completely dry.

dry cleaning, such as there has been a flower printing, available reservoir 2 cases of tetrachloroethylene, high level, and add 30 in tetrachloroethylene & ndash; MXS 50 ml, 15 & ndash; 20 minutes, and then, reoccupy box 2 reservoir of tetrachloroethylene, high level wash, two dry, can.

5, wash woolen sweater shrink, deformation, felt accident

reason: washing temperature is exorbitant, detergent selection is not correct, washing time is long, the mechanical strength.

advice: sweater should pay special attention to in water, water temperature 30 ℃, choose the neutral or weakly acidic detergent, shampoo can also replace when necessary, gentle hand carry to wash, pay attention to not use auxiliary tools such as brush or a washboard, rinse clean, application of the water on the large towel will clothes dry, flat out them. Such as sweaters have been shrinking deformation, can use special sweater zoom tool, to restore it. I believe that you already know about the several kinds of washing the cause of the accident, also learned how to avoid and deal with the washing accident, only mastered the professional knowledge, we can to do the laundry this thing more perfect!
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