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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Knowledge about life, to provide for small make up that is around these a few respects, which related to eat something first. In addition, there is also some other aspects of life tips are quite important, grasp well, can make your life very smart.

small make up the mother said, these things, you can use QiaoJin place do not use brute force, the so-called & other; QiaoJin & throughout; Is to find the most suitable for their solution. This way, sometimes I don't mean to use more money to buy new.

1, salt can remove detergent foam at the end of the

live encyclopedia: four life tips, salt can remove detergent foam at the end of the

have found that when washing clothes or the bed sheet bedding bag, in the home of the detergent in the washer foam is quite difficult to clean up, and the application of the washing machine is fixed, sometimes the whole laundry has to end, look at the rinse clothes water also rolled rich foam to avoid can feel a little sick, their psychological don't feel clean, very afflictive.

put washing powder amount is not very good grasp, put less worry about wash not clean, and put more afraid rinse thoroughly, have both methods of beauty? Actually every kitchen have a kind of condiment is the good helper solve this kind of situation, salt.

just after soaking in normal and add detergent to wash, rinse the start of the washing machine at the end of the link to join the right amount of salt can easily can remove detergent foam, when you see them you will find after rinse water clear and bright, and the salt has the function of sterilization.

2, pillowcase and breaking used glue paste reusable

live encyclopedia: four life tips, salt can remove detergent foam at the end of the

small make up by his mother scold at ordinary times is: anything as long as with old, with broken is a throw, then buy a new one. Once upon a time life level is not high, came over from the days of old people don't like children now freely, always feel we don't live, is a waste of life.

of course, this view has its certain restrictive, but for modern family, there are also some constructive. Thought of a good life doesn't have to waste, you just find a reliable way.

like some children living habits caused by rough pillowcase and a quilt be chewed or torn, you can use glue paste can be intact, do not affect beautiful and practical, fully reusable, not with all away buy a new one, it is also a kind of reasonable range of savings.

3, food handle use saline soak easily for

live encyclopedia: four life tips, salt can remove detergent foam at the end of the

how some housewives usually the biggest worry is not burn out good food, but to take charge of the cooking utensils and do not know when to repair damage tool. Home has a male in the well, if not, whether can let them fail no matter? The answer is obviously not so.

like small make up the chopper with longer at home but still not lost, the reason is that according to the old mama say the quality of this knife is pure steel, it is difficult to buy now, shall I saved well. It good is good, but too long time after the dishes will inevitably be the handle wooden place off with loose, once the handle began to fall off, you directly to Ann in its stability is not so good, and the correct method is to dish the handle use saline soak for a while and then to knife above, can be relaxed and good.

4, zipper used lubricating oil can be used on a period of time longer

live encyclopedia: four life tips, salt can remove detergent foam at the end of the

now whether it's clothing, pants, bedding bag or bag cannot lack of zipper, easy to this little thing is convenient, use rise also should pay attention to just a little, not hard to pull, use up a long time after its flow will have some changes, mainly is the zipper bite sex between gear created a problem, and this is also the most easily broken zipper or jammed, you need to be careful to use.

small make up yourself all have zipper or item will be in use for a period of time after put some oil on them, not only can use longer, also can keep the zipper pull always smooth flow.
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