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Towel also replace it every day to wash towels should pay attention to the 3 points - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Towel, bath towel is everyone's necessaries of life, whether it be washing a face, out of the shower, or simply have a hand, need a towel to dry the water in the skin. However, although you can hand washing, wash your face, or take a bath every day, every day may not washing towel for their own use. Actually every 3 to 4 times, use towel should be a clean towel, otherwise, the body skin will not clean towel and wash the dirty!

the doctor pointed out that using the towel after the dead cells of the skin cutin will adhere to the above, so if it is used to dry the body towel, using about 3, 4 times to wash it again. In addition, the placement of the location of the environment is different, need to clean the frequency will also vary, such as relatively damp bathroom, clean, replace the frequency of the towel is more frequently, or towel will bacteria or mold.

the towels in the bathroom

the doctor said: & other; Towel used throughout more than three times &; 、“ A taste & throughout; Can all be signs of a need to wash, as long as there is odor, there will be a microbial growth, often is the best way to clean cleaning. But, in fact, there is no need too nervous, because there will be at home of bacteria are usually not too dangerous, so the towel on the microbes are not harmful to human body.

so, towel should be how to cleaning? You can follow the following 3 washing:

1. Try to use more than 60 & deg; C high temperature washing, can ensure that kill the bacteria lurking in the towel. However, you must appear in towel material that does not change under the premise of.

2. White, light-colored towel can use & other; Biological & throughout; Cleaning, washing powder by enzyme decomposition of stains such as protein, starch and fat; Color towels should be used to prevent discoloration of special detergent for washing. Biological washing powder, however, is not applicable to all material clothing and towels, before use should be clean first confirm clothing label again.

3. Using a tumble dryer can keep towel fluffy. Don't use electric heaters, or other direct heating drying towel, it will make towel dry hard!
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