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Towel disinfection and odor to method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Hotel towels use frequency is high, use the crowd is relatively complex, to assure the health of all people, all the hotel towel after use according to regulations must be clean disinfection, to prevent cross infection, under normal circumstances, the hotel towels disinfection method basically has the following four:

1, the high pressure steam disinfection. Heat the towel in the pressure cooker, about 30 minutes, you can kill the vast majority of microbes.

2, chemical disinfectant disinfection method. Disinfectants can choose clean disinfectant diluted 200 times, will towel soaked in a solution for 15 minutes.

3, microwave disinfection method. Clean towel clean, folded in the microwave oven, after operation can achieve disinfection 5 minutes.

4, cooking disinfection method. Put the towel with boiling water boil for 10 minutes, then wash with soap and water, can be used after dry.

but the hotel towel after repeated cleaning and disinfection, produce peculiar smell, also can harden, adhesion, water will become worse, in order to increase its service life, can be put in concentrated brine boiling towels or scald. Then boil up after use salt scrub, and then rinse with water, can make the towel clean, also can remove the peculiar smell of the towel, and towels to become soft, absorbent and are not affected.

the way to a certain extent, can improve the service life of hotel towels and comfort, but there is always a towel to use cycle, some make towel can waste without damage to the other for other USES.
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