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Treasure the mother see come over! Cleaning plush toys? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
1. Choose the right temperature.

need warm water wash, it won't damage the plush toys of softness. General water temperature control in the 30-40 degrees. But in the hot summer need not add boiling water and leave a basin of exposure in the sun too washed plush toys is very suitable.

2. Depth color plush toys apart in the wash.

in your plush toys, to separate the deep light color washing, don't mix, in the event of rub off, dye to other plush toys is very ugly. Especially the doll some pure color, pure white, pure pink, etc. , with some other color is very ugly.

3 . Use neutral detergent.

when cleaning plush toys, it is best to use a neutral detergent ( Silk wool detergent is better) , the smaller the harm of plush toys, will not lead to a drop hair, rub off, etc. Add detergent also want right amount, according to the instructions on the reasonable to add, so as not to waste. In addition you can also use the coarse salt wash plush toys, pay attention to the dosage.

4 . When you wash the plush toys.

when cleaning plush toys, don't be too hard to catch, pinch, etc. , in order to avoid damage toys or lead to dropping. Should choose according to the quality of a material of plush toy is hard, fluffy long less hard, hairs short or no villi can knead knead slightly.

5. Select the appropriate cleaning tools.

the plush toy is soft, can not use ordinary brush scrub, should be used for plush toys soft brush. When buying a soft brush to choose good quality, don't shed hair.

6 . Good detergent dip into the plush toys first.

wash before, need to add detergent, detergent fully melt, add the plush toys soak for half an hour. Middle can reverse inversion, in order to completely bubble open. This again will be a lot easier when you wash plush toys.

7 . Carefully use the washing machine.

washing machine plush toys while saving, but the washing machine high speed rotating easily broken doll, so if the toy is not very dirty, suggest or hand wash, just some dirty place repeat, that also can save electricity.

8. Dehydration and drying.

plush toys not easy to dry, had better use the washing machine dehydration. To clean the plush toys wrapped in bath towel, gently into the washing machine selection dehydration, dehydration after after plastic comb and plush toys in ventilated place dry. Had better not exposure, exposure, easy to change color.
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