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Viscose fabric wash clothes? Need to pay attention to what? - - - - - - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Viscose fabric wash clothes? Need to pay attention to what? Viscose fiber is cellulose materials such as chaff stem from wood and plants extract & alpha; - Cellulose, or cotton linter as raw material, processed into spinning dope, then through wet spinning of synthetic fibres. Here is a small make up for everybody finishing of viscose fiber washing method.

viscose fiber washing method and the matters needing attention:

1, to increases with the increasing washing water immersion, soak time should not more than 15 minutes, otherwise the lotion in the dirt into the fiber.

2, viscose fabric in water is made hard, fibrous structure is very weak, when catharsis to light wash, so as to avoid napping or tear.

3, with a neutral detergent or low alkaline detergent, wash water temperature cannot exceed 35 degrees.

4, after washing drainage should be fold up the clothes, big to crowd out the water, avoid by all means is twist wring, so as to avoid excessive contorts.

5, in the wash after wash, wash with clean warm water first, reoccupy cold water washing, otherwise there will be a part of detergent fixed on clothes, it is not easy to wash down and make the yellow light color clothes.

6, avoid sun exposure after washing, should be in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid falling fades and material life.

7, the thin, chemical fiber fabrics, such as artificial silk quilt cover, artificial silk, etc. , should be dry-cleaned, should not be washed, so as not to shrink its shape.
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